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  • Appear in the first set of results in the directory.
  • Collaborate in a network of over 500,000 translators across 190 countries.
  • Generate inquiries from prospective clients, even as you work.
  • Enjoy full access to the Blue Board™ -- the industry's leading database of outsourcers. Membership Benefits members meet more clients members meet new clients at 4 times the rate of non-members. members appear first in the directory

Members appear before all non-members in the directory. members proposals seen first

Outsourcers that post jobs see quotes from members first. members see member only jobs

Members can submit quotes to member-only jobs. Over half of all job postings are restricted to members for at least twelve hours. members have unlimited blue board access

Invaluable risk management through the Blue Board™ helps you to avoid working with the wrong outsourcer. Learn More members ee only translation related advertisements.

See only translation related advertisements. members can host meetups

Host powwows (casual meetings of site users that live near each other). members can create teams

Create teams. members can send unlimited invoices online

Easily create, send, and track invoices online at Learn More members can access exclusive networking on and offline

Exclusive access to content and networking opportunities at virtual conferences, the largest gatherings of professionals in the industry. Learn More members are eligible for discounts

Members are eligible for discounts on a wide variety of training sessions and also enjoy periodic discounts on software, tools and conferences. members can track profile visitors

Track visitors to your profile.

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  • All Standard package benefits
  • Cash and identity-related profile fields and validation
  • Library of training material
  • "Basket" of goods and services from partners
  • Advantages in client channels external to
  • Simple, recurring payments
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profile photo Ioanna Merope Ippiotis

Italy (Италиански на Английски)

profile photo Elizabeth Tamblin

(Френски на Английски)


profile photo Konstantin Shpenkov

Russian Federation (Английски на Russian)

profile photo José Mariño

(Английски на Испански)

profile photo Stephen Fennell

(Френски на Английски)


(Английски на Испански)

profile photo Annamaria Martinolli

Italy (Френски на Италиански)

profile photo Enrico Antonio Mion

France (Английски на Италиански)

profile photo Marie Dufort

(Френски на Испански)

profile photo B. Szederkenyi

Greece (Италиански на Унгарски)

profile photo Rafael de la Figuera Von Wichmann

Spain (Английски на Испански)

profile photo moonjeemin

(Корейски на Английски)

profile photo Olga Savelyeva

Russian Federation (Английски на Russian)

profile photo Catia Cassiano

(Английски на Portuguese)

profile photo ILAN RUBIN

(Russian на Английски)

profile photo Marlis March-Catsellis

United Kingdom (Английски на Немски)

profile photo Sara Todaro

(Японски на Италиански)

profile photo Myong-Sang Lim

(Английски на Корейски)

profile photo Raoul1978

Italy (Английски на Френски)

profile photo Chiara De Santis

Italy (Холандски на Италиански)

profile photo Marjol

Pays-Bas (Френски на Холандски)


profile photo Detelina Mileva

(Български на Иврит)


profile photo peter palladius

India (Испански на Английски)

profile photo Linda Gueye

United States (Английски на Френски)

profile photo Martin Riordan

(Portuguese на Английски)


profile photo Elena Woontner

United States (Английски на Италиански)

profile photo Michael Martin, MA

United States (Немски на Английски)



Greece (Английски на Гръцки)

profile photo rollingup

South Korea (Английски на Корейски)


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Partner with us – go Plus

  • Plus is a new membership package that will be released on November 15th, 2016.
  • Pre-register and partner with us to help make the Plus vision a reality.
  • The Plus package will include an on-demand library of professional development material, a "basket" of goods and services from partners, cash and identity-related profile fields and validation, as well as advantages in client channels external to
Listen to Founder and President Henry Dotterer
talk about the new Plus package vision.

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Member professional ribbon
Free Standard
Terms research and assistance
Online invoicing
Networking features
Full benefit of's high rank in Google and other search engines
Priority rank in the directory
Access to member only jobs
Full access to the Blue Board™
Quotes seen first by outsourcers
Track visitors to your profile
Enjoy periodic discounts on software, tools and conferences
See only translation related advertisements
Eligible for discounts on a wide variety of training sessions
Exclusive access to content and networking opportunities at virtual conferences
Easy image uploading in the forums
Cash and identity-related profile fields and validation
Library of training material
$50+ value
"Basket" of goods and services from partners
$90+ value
Advantages in client channels external to
$144+ value

The 2016 Grand Prize Giveaway

With your membership purchase or renewal, you get entered for a chance to win:

  • An Apple Watch every Friday, starting on International Translation Day
  • A brand new Nissan Juke at the end of the year
prizes for giveaway

Journey Down the "Open Road"

See who the winners have been and read about their own "Open Road" freelancer stories.

Apple Watch #1

Biljana Stojanovic

contest winner

Biljana was the winner of the first Apple Watch drawing! Read about her experience on the Open Road of the freelance lifestyle.

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Sept 30
Apple Watch #2

Marjon Pijl

contest winner

Marjon is the second winner of an Apple Watch! Learn how she is staying on the right side of the open road.

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Oct 07
Apple Watch #3

Mac Sharkawy

contest winner

Congratulations to Mac for winning the third Apple Watch! Stay tuned for his interview

Coming Soon

Oct 14
Apple Watch #4

Your Chance!

This drawing will happen at midnight GMT-12, Friday Oct. 21. Make sure you're entered for a chance to win!

Oct 14


The regular prices for the Standard and Plus packages are USD $120/yr and USD $180/yr, respectively.

During the launch promotion, the packages are being sold at the discounted rates of USD $109/yr and USD $149/yr.

No, a member will still be a member; there will be no change in directory positioning resulting from the introduction of service package options.

The internet is going the way of the cloud, and in principle cloud technology presents the opportunity for the team to take steps to promote the services of members beyond the confines of Imagine an LSP or client using, say, a mobile app to access you directly for translation or interpreting services, without ever needing to go to Cloud technology makes that possible, and we have been taking steps in that direction.

Efforts are in the early stages, and in any event, it takes time for habits to change. But we believe this is the future. What we have seen so far is that client activity at TM-Town is increasing, and separately, there are a few agencies already using cloud services to discover the services of members from within their own management systems. (Some of you reading this have been contacted.) We are also in discussions to establish partnerships to promote the translation and interpreting services of members.

The value of the "external client connections" is difficult to quantify at this time. But we can say that membership in one of the "external channels" alone, TM-Town, costs $144 and is included in the Plus package.

Your current TM-Town membership will be synced/extended to match the renewal date of your membership. If you are on a paid monthly plan, your payments will be stopped. If you are on a paid annual plan, you will be refunded the pro rata amount of the remainder of your membership period.

In that case, to be on the safe side, you might want to assume a value of zero for "external channels".

For several years has been selling "membership plus training" packages, with the training courses that are included adding just over $50+ to the cost of the offering. Those trainings and more are included in the Plus package.

That is the sum total of the value of licenses confirmed so far to be included in the basket. We are in discussions with other vendors and hope to add more tools before the mid-November release of the Plus package (which would increase the value).

The Plus package will not necessarily be for everyone -- that is why it is being offered separately. Even if you do not purchase the Plus package, you will still benefit from the change being implemented, since the fee for the Standard package has been reduced.

Something close to the difference, yes. But please note that the Plus package is currently being offered at a promotional rate, and the price to upgrade may be higher in the future.

Not necessarily. does reserve the right to raise the cost of the service packages in the future. However, we will not do this lightly, and if rates are raised we will notify you at least 7 business days in advance of your renewal, with clear details on how you can unsubscribe if you so choose.

Yes. Just as the Standard package has been continuously built up over the years, so too will new benefits be added to the Plus package over time.

Although decisions of which package to include a new feature or tool in will be made on a case-by-case basis, it is safe to assume that the majority of investment will be made in increasing the value of the Plus package to members.

At we are totally committed to customer satisfaction, and to the value of the new service packages. That's why for those who pre-order the Plus package, we are doing even better than our well-known "satisfaction guarantee" (available to the Standard package); in this case, we are offering an unprecedented guaranteed return on investment ("ROI Guarantee").

If at the end of your first year after purchasing the Plus package (1) you are no longer satisfied with membership, and (2) you have not earned back from clients met via the site at least what you invested in the Plus package, will refund the money that you are "out" on the deal. (See details.)

Most professionals earn back their membership several times over from clients met through the site during the course of a year, regardless of the rates they charge. Those that do not are often not looking for new clients (and therefore are not dissatisfied).

In other words, works for most professional translators, but if it does not work for you then you will not be a long-term member of the community. In that case we have no interest in taking your money.

You would submit a form indicating how much, if any, you did earn from clients met via the site, and agreeing to close out your membership and your profile. Your "lost" money would then be refunded, less original payment fees. (See details.)

Because third-party licenses, payments to trainers and other partners may be made by at the time of your purchase, and those will not necessarily be refundable to

Certain services which are planned for inclusion in the Plus package rely on there being a network of professionals available. It is our goal to have a group of members who have purchased the Plus package available right from the day it is first offered.

As time goes by, these alternative payment options are being selected by users less and less. The overhead involved in managing the complex combinations of parameters ("6-month partial jobs membership", etc.) seems to no longer be justified.

Partial membership types will no longer be available for purchase, but existing memberships will continue as-is until they expire.

Yes. To upgrade to the Standard package click here. To upgrade to the Plus package click here.

It will no longer be possible for non-members to purchase access to Blue Board records, or to buy the right to quote on a one-off basis (for $1). Other changes may also be considered (but none have been decided upon as of yet).

Thank you for investing in on a long-term basis. We have considered the case of those who, like you, have invested in long-term membership, and we wanted to do something special for you. We decided to simply award you the Plus package for a year at no charge. If you like it, then yes, we would ask you to pay an upgrade fee.

We are evaluating corporate / business membership, just as professional membership has been evaluated, but we have not decided on any specific changes at this time.

We would like to provide some value for the browniz you hold. The new low price for the Standard package is actually lower than even the browniz-discounted price had been. Nevertheless, will see what can be done. (There is a small challenge, in that we are using a new payment system and it doesn't yet accept browniz points 😊. Nevertheless, we will see what can be done.)

It is possible to cash out your remaining wallet balance while buying either of the service packages.

Yes. will continue to support various other payment methods including Western Union, wire transfer, local payments (where accepted), 2Checkout, check, and money order. However, please note that: (1) Prices may be higher when using other payment methods. (2) Your membership will not renew automatically.

For one thing, we are making a significant investment in's mission -- and hence in the careers of members and translators in general -- and we want to make sure the industry takes notice. Secondly, when it comes to our mission of providing you with tools and opportunities to expand your business and do better work, sometimes we need you to help us help you -- by making sure that your profile data is up to date. This contest is meant to encourage tens of thousands of translators to make sure that their profile data is fresh and current.

Anyone who purchases either the Standard or Plus packages during the promotional period will be entered in the drawing and have a chance to win. It is also possible to be entered in the drawing by sending a postcard to the office. In either case, you must complete all the "required" portions of your profile in order to have a chance to win. (See additional terms and conditions of the giveaway).

One Apple Watch (Series 2), with a value of up to $300, will be given away each week during the promotional period. Purchase your service package by midnight on Friday for a chance to win that week's prize. (If you don't win one week, you still have a chance to win the next.)

In addition to those, a brand new Nissan Juke car, with a value of up to $25,000 will be awarded to one lucky winner at the end of the year. "Experience the freedom of being a freelancer, in your new Juke!" (See details.)

Well, yes. We would love to be able to share a picture of you with your prize, along with your freelancer story.

To purchase the Standard package click here. To purchase the Plus package click here.

The Plus package is in pre-registration until November 15, 2016 (thank you for your order and support!). On November 15th the package will be released and you will receive access to all of the contents of the package (training, CAT license, TM-Town membership, etc.).

You may be charged upon purchase, on your membership renewal date, or on November 15th. The exact payment date should be apparent from the details in the checkout form before you make your purchase, and in your membership subscription management page.

Yes, you can switch, but instead of cash being returned, your membership period is extended by 25%. (So if you have four months of membership remaining with the Plus package, you can exchange it for five months with the Standard package.)

Thank you for your support!

We’re truly thankful for your membership. Happy translating from the team!

Henry Dotterer
María Florencia
Maria D
Maria K
Kevin Dias
Nate Hill