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ProZ.com Newsletter: September 2010

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ProZ.com Newsletter

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(1) Virtual conference on Thursday!
(2) 7th international conference, Prague: less than 1 week left
(3) Special International Translator's Day membership offer
(4) Minimum rates information by translator organizations
(5) Beware of the "advance payment scam"
(6) Just a few days left to register for the Chile conference
(7) ProZ.com Argentina conference, Buenos Aires, October 29 - 31
(8) ProZ.com Spain conference, November 13-14
(9) France event 2010 scheduled on the Eiffel Tower, Dec. 4th
(10) Translator training packages - save up to 45%
(11) Upcoming powwows

(1) Virtual conference on Thursday, get ready to get the most out of this event

The second ProZ.com virtual conference is just days away. Thursday the 30th, International Translator's Day, is the big day! Over 8,000 have registered already for this event, which promises to be the largest gathering of language professionals in history, beating the record set by last year's event.

If you are already registered, make sure you have completed all the required information needed in order to enter the event on Thursday. It takes just moments, and you can also enter optional information that is designed to help you better network and get more out of the conference.

To complete your information or register, visit the link below. Hope to see you there!


CCM – The complete translation package
Buy SDL Trados Studio 2009 Freelance with SDL MultiTerm Extract before 15th October and save up to 40%! Discover more about our products or buy online - http://www.sdl.com/Proz_NL

Hurry, offer ends 15th October

Exclusive Professional Offers
Buy SDL Trados Studio 2009 Professional, the leading translation memory software tool and save 25%! Discover more about our products or buy online - http://www.sdl.com/Proz_pro

Hurry, offer ends 15th October

(2) 7th international conference in Prague: registration still open

There are just a few days left to register for the in-person component of this year's virtual conference, the ProZ.com international conference taking place in Prague, Czech Republic, next weekend on the 2nd and 3rd of October.

The event will feature 2 training sessions (SDL and Dragon Naturally Speaking), 2 powwows, a city tour, a cruise gala dinner, and of course its share of first class international speakers, networking and fun.

Registration is still open for the training sessions, the conference and the powwows.

Complete information and registration under http://www.proz.com/conference/157

The Prague conference is sponsored by:

* Platinum sponsor: SDL Language Technologies - http://www.translationzone.com
* Premium sponsor: Moravia Worldwide - http://www.moraviaworldwide.com/
* Gold sponsor: LSP.net - http://www.LSP.net
* Exhibiting sponsor: Advanced International Translations - AIT - http://www.TranslationManagementSystem.com
* Contributing sponsor: ELIA (European Language Industry Association) - http://www.elia-association.org/
* Contributing sponsor: Nuance - http://www.nuance.co.uk/

Wordfast brings you the world’s largest and fastest growing online TM tool. Wordfast Anywhere is the industry’s leading FREE and completely confidential web-based tool. Deploy Wordfast Anywhere instantly from your web-browser and begin translating today for FREE. Login at http://www.FreeTM.com

Save 33% on Wordfast at the virtual conference

Experience two industry-leading TM tools for one low price. The Wordfast Translation Studio includes Wordfast Classic, the industry’s #1 MS Word-based tool, and Wordfast Pro, the #1 standalone TM tool for any platform. Free trial at http://www.wordfast.com/store_download.html

Save 33% on Wordfast at the virtual conference - http://www.proz.com/translation3

(3) Special International Translator's Day membership offer-- last days

A special International Translator's Day offer on ProZ.com membership is open until September 30th.

If you are not yet a member, you can purchase now at a *substantially* reduced rate. Start benefiting from being a member of the world's largest community of translators and interpreters, and access the exclusive content and discounts available to members at this year's virtual conference.

ProZ.com members also have added incentives to renew their membership now.

This offer ends on September 30th. See more about the offer and the benefits of membership at the link below.


Free Trial for ProZ.com Members to Translation Workspace - The future of translation productivity is here with Translation Workspace from Lionbridge Technologies. Now, you can easily manage your TM assets, reduce your costs, collaborate with colleagues and promote your services. Try it now – free for 30 days!

Free Trial for ProZ.com Members to Translation Workspace - The future of translation productivity is here with Translation Workspace from Lionbridge Technologies. Now, you can control your TM assets, monitor work in real-time, reduce your costs and improve consistency. Try it now – free for 30 days!

(4) Minimum rates information by translator organizations to be referenced on ProZ.com

Key among the improvements resulting from the changes to the ProZ.com job posting system is making available to translators and clients more information, supplied by the community, concerning the price of professional translation.

The minimum recommended rates as suggested by regional or national translator associations will now be referenced on ProZ.com.

If you know of a national or regional translators association issuing guidelines regarding the rates professional translators should charge for their work, please consider helping add this information.


Be sure also to attend the session "Rates in the translation industry" at this year's virtual conference.


XTM International would like to meet translators interested in translating online, who are looking for an affordable and independently developed alternative to their desktop translation tool. XTM Cloud is the web-based tool for the new age of translation.

Register for a free trial of XTM Cloud for fun or possibly more at http://www.xtm-intl.com/trial

Get Ready to Synergise!

This year's AUSIT conference, the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators, will take place in the port city of Fremantle, Western Australia, on November 5 and 6. ProZ.com is a sponsor of this event - be sure to drop by the ProZ.com booth!

Information and registration: http://www.ausitconference.org/index.ph

(5) Translators report an increase in "advance payment scam" messages

Many translators have recently reported being contacted by alleged outsourcers offering translation jobs, to be paid in advance using certified checks.

This is a sign of the "advance payment" scam, where the victims are sent forged checks in excess of the agreed-upon amount and then asked to wire back the excess payment to someone else (to be lost once the checks bounce). Translators are encouraged to take special care when finding themselves presented with this type of arrangement.

Learn more about this and other scams in the ProZ.com Wiki article on detecting and reacting to false job offers and other scams.


Special Offer! UPGRADE to Alchemy CATALYST 9.0: Translator/Pro for just €199 in month of October!
NEW! High Powered TM for desktop!
NEW! Re-cycle translations – within-project 100% + partial matches!
NEW! One-Click Concordance – simply highlight word/phrase!
NEW! Locate in Source – simply click on a segment to locate in source!

The European Language Industry Association is a non-profit association of companies providing language services in Europe. ELIA was founded to aid the development and growth of its members through the sharing of information, connecting companies, networking and providing practical and relevant educational opportunities.


(6) Just a few days left to register for the Chile conference 2010

There are just a few days left to register for this year's ProZ.com Chile conference 2010 that will take place in Santiago on October 1-2.

Organized by Claudia Iglesias -- http://www.proz.com/profile/17379 -- and Carla Mendoza -- http://www.proz.com/profile/34015 -- the event has been approved for 10 ATA CE points.

Sessions will include:
- "Calidad en los servicios de traducción"
- "Introducción a la localización"
- "Ética"
- "Introducción a Wordfast"
- Medical translation issues

Registration and complete information under http://www.proz.com/conference/136

The Chile conference is sponsored by:
- BeTranslated Chile - http://www.betranslated.cl/es
- ContactChile Communicaciones - http://www.contactchilecomunicaciones.cl
- Milega S.L. - http://www.milegasl.com
- COTICH - http://www.cotich.cl/

(7) ProZ.com 2010 Argentina conference in Buenos Aires, October 29 - 31

The 2010 Argentina conference will take place in Buenos Aires from October 29th to 31st. Organized by Fabrice Michon -- http://www.proz.com/translator/82350 -- the event, approved by the ATA for 10 CE credits, features the theme '"Optimizando recursos para aumentar la productividad".

The weekend will offer great networking opportunities and top national and international speakers, including:
- Manuel Schneer from Axios Business Consultants, about applying psychology to clients to boost negotiation and relationships,
- an FAO representative who will speak about translating for the United Nations
- the Marketing Director of Mars Argentina, on positioning yourself as a service provider for a multinational corporation... and many more!

Watch the promo video: http://www.fliqz.com/aspx/permalink.aspx?vid=aaaa8f51ad8f415c89ef2b959dba1172 (in Spanish)

Complete program, speakers and information at http://www.proz.com/conference/115

The Buenos Aires conference is sponsored by:

- Cultures Connection - http://www.culturesconnection.com/
- Milega S.L. - http://www.milegasl.com
- Soyculto.com - http://www.soyculto.com
- Axios Business Consultants - http://www.axios.com.ar

(8) ProZ.com Spain conference, Barcelona, November 13 - 14

This year's ProZ.com Spain conference will take place in Barcelona on November 13 and 14. Approved by the ATA for 10 CE points, the event's theme is "Aspectos Prácticos de la Traducción". Sessions include:

- Las redes sociales y el traductor: el networking al servicio de los negocios
- Ser traductor en un mundo globalizado (y en crisis)
- Nuevas estrategias profesionales para traductores
- and more!

Hurry! Early-bird expires October 15th.

The Barcelona conference is organized by Patricia de Gispert -- http://www.proz.com/profile/672616 -- from Milega S.L (http://www.milegasl.com/ )

Registration and complete information: http://www.proz.com/conference/128

- Qabiria - http://www.qabiria.com
- Ta with you - http://www.tauyou.com
- Wordbonds - http://www.wordbonds.es

(9) France event 2010 to take place in Paris, Eiffel Tower, December 4th

This year's French Networking and Training event will be taking place in Paris, on Saturday, December 4th.

As in previous years, the event will be completely bilingual (French-English), and is therefore not restricted to French-speakers only. It will take place in an incredible venue: the first floor of the Eiffel Tower!

The day will feature great learning and networking opportunities in a memorable setting - don't miss this historical event!

Watch promo video: http://www.proz.com/videos/ProZ.com%20Conferences/415

Registration and complete information: http://www.proz.com/conference/139

(10) Translator training packages - save up to 45%

Training packages give ProZ.com users the opportunity to purchase multiple related training courses in a bundle, at a significant savings over purchasing each course individually.


Some training packages can also be purchased along with ProZ.com professional membership, at an even further discounted price.


Upcoming webinar sessions:

Oct 7 - 20 tips and templates to write that killer marketing email

Oct 14 - Machine Translation for freelancers

Oct 28 - Machine Translation for agencies

Nov 4 - How to feature better in online searches - tips for translators and agencies

Make sure you visit the ProZ.com translator training booth during ProZ.com virtual conference on September 30th. There will be offers, course previews and training prizes!


“Great, great, great CAT! I simply love memoQ.
I have been using it with no exceptions since then.
Maybe the most translator-friendly CAT on the market!”

(Alessandra Di Pofi - Technical Translator / Localizer)

Visit www.kilgray.com to learn more about what other users think of memoQ.

(11) Upcoming powwows: Portugal, Thailand, Macedonia (FYROM), Czech Republic, etc.

29: Aveiro, Portugal (1 member) http://proz.com/powwow/3439
30: Bangkok, Thailand (2) http://proz.com/powwow/3431
30: Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM) (27) http://proz.com/powwow/3355

1: Prague, Czech Republic (53) http://proz.com/powwow/3346
1: Münster, Germany (5) http://proz.com/powwow/3392
2: Posadas, Argentina (10) http://proz.com/powwow/3427
2: Cardiff, UK (6) http://proz.com/powwow/3428
2: Nottingham, UK (6) http://proz.com/powwow/3424
3: Prague, Czech Republic (23) http://proz.com/powwow/3415
9: Poznan, Poland (1) http://proz.com/powwow/3436
9: Birmingham, UK (5) http://proz.com/powwow/3410
9: Rome, Italy (78) http://proz.com/powwow/3334
10: Vancouver, Canada (16) http://proz.com/powwow/3412
15: Belfast, UK (13) http://proz.com/powwow/3407
15: Wien, Austria (5) http://proz.com/powwow/3406
17: Innsbruck, Austria (2) http://proz.com/powwow/3368
17: Indianapolis, US (4) http://proz.com/powwow/3421
22: Dortmund, Germany (4) http://proz.com/powwow/3395
23: Milano, Italy (13) http://proz.com/powwow/3418
23: London, UK (17) http://proz.com/powwow/3388
24: Dortmund, Germany (3) http://proz.com/powwow/3398
30: Dusseldorf, Germany (24) http://proz.com/powwow/3385

20: Kočani, Macedonia (FYROM) (4) http://proz.com/powwow/3356
25: Hong Kong, Hong Kong (4) http://proz.com/powwow/3358

Translation Office 3000 has been designed with the freelance translator in mind. It helps translators track and manage their clients, translation jobs, invoices and payments. This flexible tool has been created to help easily organize all aspects of a freelance translator's work.

Save 30% only at the virtual conference - http://www.proz.com/translation3

Thank you for reading this month's newsletter. Have a productive day at this year's virtual conference, and I hope to "see" you there!


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